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Order a design for print or the Internet.

For further fruitful work you need to describe your task to me in as much detail as possible. This will also save me and you time. You will not have to do a lot of redesigns.  

Also, please note that the price for the design may be increased if there is a need to do something that is not described in the original terms of reference.

Step 1-2. Let’s discuss the design project and make a task.

The form with questions may not have enough information given to me. If you need to describe the task in more detail or find the right questions, you can download a custom design questionnaire.

    1. Form-questionnaire to order design:

    4. What target audience is the design aimed at?:

    9. Information about you:

    Then I make a time calculation for my work and give you the total amount for the project. I divide the entire project into stages. For each stage you pay an advance payment as the task is completed.


    Step 3, 4. Conclusion of the contract and making an advance payment of 30% of the amount for the project.

    For general reassurance and assurance, we can sign a contract with you. There are three ways we can do this:

    3.1 If we are geographically close, then we can meet and sign a design contract.

    3.2 If we are at a great distance, then we can send the signed contract to each other through the mail.

    3.3 conducting the transaction through a service-guarantor, for example FreelanceHunt.

    The contract will be spelled out all stages of work (often these stages are 3: analysis and search for ideas, a draft or prototype, bringing the design to the finish look).



    Step 5. Research your competitors and look for ideas.

    I study the market and your competitors, your customers, very carefully. And based on the goals that the design should realize for you, I look for the best solution. I suggest you the design style, the best color combinations, the right way to present text, photo or video information.


    Step 6,7,8,9. Development of design concepts. Presentation of drafts. Work corrections. Concept approval.

    With the developments made in step 5, I make a prototype, a draft. We agree with you on all the nuances of the arrangement of information and design elements before final approval. All these steps (concept, presentation, correction, approval) are interconnected and can be repeated.


    Step 10. Developing the design and bringing it to the finished look.

    With an approved prototype, I can bring the work to perfection. I show you the final version, and we agree on it, I make adjustments and carry out further work until full approval.


    Step 11. Full payment for the project

    If the work is done perfectly, you are happy with everything, then we can pay you in full.


    Step 12: Transfer all files and materials with the work done on the design.

    You are given the source files with the requirements for printing or for the Internet with the requirements for the various services where your design will be placed. You also receive a cover note with technical information and instructions for use.


    Step 13. Feedback exchange.

    After we successfully work on a design for you, we can exchange feedback with you. For promotional purposes, you can leave a link to your site.

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