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Website creation or design sites to order.

Please note that filling the text fields of the form for all the initial steps will guarantee you and me that I will understand the task very well the first time and I will not have to make a large number of corrections in the creation of the site or site design.

Recalculation of the price for the project can be in the case if after the approval of design and programming, there are additional requirements for revision (this can be a correction of the color scheme in the site design, font replacement, change of site structure or functionality or other your wishes, which can take a long time to implement).

Step 1-2. Let’s discuss the project and make the assignment:

If there is not enough information on the form. You can download the form (it has more information) to your computer and fill it out.

    1. To make a detailed description of the task (Terms of Reference or TOR - for short) you and I need information for further work and obtain the desired site in the end. Therefore, you need to fill in the fields of this form:

    2.What emotions should your site evoke in its visitors? And indicate 2-5 competitors' sites that you like and dislike and what exactly.:

    3.The main purpose of your future site: to inform, sell, call for action, or other purposes:

    4.Who is your target audience predominantly:

    5.Do you have materials to fill the site: information about the product, goods or services of the company, the brand? This can be: texts describing products, photos, videos, customer reviews, documents, etc. (you can send them to me by e-mail

    If you do not have texts and photos, we can discuss the SEO-optimization stage of the site for promotion on the web. It is important that the materials be unique, not a copy from other sites. Otherwise, the search engine can impose penalties on the site and lower the search engine ranking of your site to places far from the top.
    So we can also mention a point about the photos. In some cases, there is a need to buy them at paid photostocks, photobanks. Photos should also be optimized for search and unique.

    Translated with (free version)

    6. Do you need hosting for your new website, where will your site be hosted?:

    7. Do you have a domain (website address):

    8. Do you need to do SEO-promotion (advertising promotion of the site in a search engine)?:

    9. Information about you.:

    Step 3. Sign a contract to create the site:

    For mutual assurances, you need to make a contract.

    1. We can meet with you and make a contract.
    2. Or if you are in another city or country, we can send each other a signed contract by mail.
    3. Or we can make a secure transaction on the service-guarantors, for example the service “Safe” on the site Freelancehunt.



    Step 4. Paying for the work in advance of 25%:

    After filling out the terms of reference I will know how many stages will be in the work (often they are 4: site design, layout, programming, SEO-promotion), as well as the final amount for the entire project to create a site. That is why I divide the total amount for a project by 4, which is 25% – upfront fee for each of the stages.

    I do all the work on their hosting and website test address. After paying for the 4th stage, I will move the site to your hosting and set up your domain.

    If you need to buy a domain name and hosting, I can help you find the right hosting and domain for your specific project. Prices vary from place to place, so you need to look at the situation at the moment.

    Also, if you need further support and maintenance of the site. I can help with this for a fee.



    Step 5. Market and competitor analysis:

    At this stage begins to work. I study in detail your competitors, the target audience and with regard to the objectives of the site offer the best options for the implementation of design (color, style, placement of information blocks) and functionality of your future site.


    Steps 6,7,8,9. Creation of variants of the concepts by me. The presentation of a prototype site. Making changes. Approval of the concept.

    Based on the work done, which is described in step 5, I begin to make a prototype site. This represents a draft in which, for convenience, you and I can further approve the arrangement of information blocks, until we come to a mutual agreement-approval of the concept. I combined these three steps because they are closely related to each other and go through several iterations.


    Step. 10 Website design development:

    Regarding the prototype, concept and other accompanying materials, I proceed to the site design phase. I show you a clean version of the main page of the site and secondary main pages. I also make layouts with a display on different displays: for monitors of the personal computer, tablet, cell phone. We need to coordinate all the pages made at the design stage. Your site will look exactly as in the design – layout. And further corrections at the stage of layout or programming can already be done by me for a separate fee.


    Step 11. HTML layout of the site:

    Web site design layout is coded in HTML format using Java-script or derived libraries. At this stage we can coordinate with you the behavior of various information blocks in relation to user actions (for example animation deployment menu, the appearance or disappearance of banners, scrolling slides in the slider).


    Step12. Programming the website. Setting up the administrative part.

    Work is done to configure the scripts for the administrative part on the server side. With the help of the administrative panel you will continue to fill any information on your site or manage the orders of your online store, etc.

    After all the programming work I will give you access to my server, where you can try in the work of the web site management. If errors are found – I will finish them.



    Step 13. Final payment for the project:

    If everything is done without errors in step 12, then you make the final payment for the creation of the site.


    Step 14. Transferring the site to your server. Transfer of all project materials and files.

    I do the transfer of site files and configure the domain name on your server, hosting. I make settings on the server for the fast operation of the site, make basic settings for SEO-tools in the administrative part. Then you change the password from the administrative part, and you have a fully working personal site, closed to third parties. I also give you all the source files with design layouts, script files of your ready site and other possible materials.


    Step 15: Exchange feedback.

    After the successful creation of the site, you can leave a review on my site. In the review you can provide a link to your working site. This will be additional advertising for you.

    Further cooperation with me.

    I can be useful to you in support of your site. For example, you need to expand the existing features and functionality of the site, or change something in the design, banners, slider. Or you need to competently fill a lot of information. Also I do the internal optimization of the site and external promotion in search engines to attract new traffic to your site and customers.

    In this case, you and I need to discuss all the details of the upcoming work, draw up a new terms of reference and to assess the amount of payment and timing.

    Also I can offer you a service of one-time support site per month for an additional fee. As part of this service I will allocate 5 hours of time for a number of technical support works. These works include:


    • Consultations on the work and management of the site.
    • Updating the content management system, modules and other scripts to provide modern means of security on the Internet.
    • Making backups of site files and database (in case you need to quickly restore your site).
    • Optimizing the database after making any changes associated with the introduction of new functionality.
    • Adding new content, images and videos.
    • Cleaning site from viruses and hacker attacks, and damage to scripts in consequence of their work.


    Order a website creation or website design from me. I will be happy to do my best for you.

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